Wailele ~American Beer Bar~

渋谷にビールバーを展開するCerveza Gym GroupのHawaiian担当♪! Wailele ~American Beer Bar~の情報をご案内させて頂きます♪

9月14日(木) Wailele MENU 18時~23時 (22時LO)

9月14日(木) 18時~23時 (22時LO)
①Big Wave Golden Ale (Kona Brewing)
②Hazy West Coast IPA (Green Flash Brewing)
Sunshine Girl Golden Ale (Maui Brewing)
→→ Bikini Blonde Lager (Maui Brewing)
→→→ Oktoberfest (AleSmith Brewing)
③West Coast IPA (Green Flash Brewing)
→ Big Swell IPA (Maui Brewing)
→→ Party Tricks IPA (AleSmith Brewing)
④Lilikoi Sour (Harland Brewing)
→ Nelson IPA (Alpine Beer)
→→ Funwave Hazy IPA (AleSmith Brewing)
⑤Blue Moon Belgian White (Blue Moon Brewing)
★店休日  ◎毎週月曜日◎  & 9月21日(木)
★終日貸切営業  9月20日(水) 
★ご利用頂けるお支払い方法は現金かPaypay(LINE Pay)、ハチペイのみとなっております。 
※ハチペイとは → https://www.hachi-pay.tokyo/
★Payment can only be made in cash or PayPay (LINE Pay). Credit cards are not accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Mahalo.
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